Principles And Importance of Great UX In A Website

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We spend a lot of time reading articles, news, scrolling pictures, gathering information, and sometimes on an online shopping website. In some cases, our experience is not that best that we can have.

Consistency is the key to UX. UX design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction.
To build that product that captures the heart and precious display, you must use your mind to understand the behavior and state of mind of the user.

Now let we talk about the importance of User Experience (UX) in website design

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Good UX leads to a clear marketing message: Digital marketing without UX is like playing football without shoes.

  • Great marketers know there are several ways to do this:
    1. Improve targeting. Your message is in front of the right person at the right time.
    2. Develop an attractive offer.
    3. Articulate that offer clearly, concisely, and persuasively.
  • Satisfy your user and Google will reward you
    Google loves a happy user. If a user is happy he will spend a lot of time on your website and it will give you a good rating. That rating is a gift for you and google will increase your visibility and ratings.
  • UX can help you increase conversion
    Good UX is a type of marketing.  A user doesn’t read content, he/she scans your website in a few seconds. A good UX will provide beautiful content and message in a few seconds and if a user spends more than 30 seconds, there are 66% chances that the user will purchase your product.
  • UX design can help with your SEO
    Yeah, It’s right. Good user experience can help you with SEO. User experience is the main factor in Google or any other search engine algorithm. If you have a good user experience google may automatically rank you higher.
  • Increase your brand loyalty with UX design
    You can gain the trust of the user easily by having a good user experience. “The first impression is always the last impression” That’s what UX does to your website.

Principles of UX design for websites

  • Oversimplify Functionality
    Let’s assume you are visiting an e-commerce website and you want to purchase anything. If you get that product in less than 4 simple clicks you would love that and that’s what makes your website brilliant, user friendly, and simple. Always think about website Functionality if it is so simple. Users will love to explore your website for other products too.
  • Know User Behaviour
    It’s very important to predict user behavior. Design your website in that manner which users love to explore. An In-depth understanding of the user will create a slideshow of what a user wants. If you are looking for mobile accessories then for a boy and girls, it should be different. Both of them have different choices. So you should understand the behavior of the user and make the website according to them.

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  • Reduce Load time
    If your website is taking more than 5 seconds, 70% of visitors will likely leave your website at that moment. Everyone knows money is time and in today’s world, no one wants to wait. As you know “the first impression is always the last impression”. So if your website is so slow then your first impression will be bad and no one will choose your product if your product is better then others.
  • Websites are scanned, Not read
    Just in some milliseconds, the user captures the design of the website and in 2-3 seconds the user clicks on the Next button. So make a website that is scanned and designed properly. Focus on the action button that you want to show the user. E-commerce companies pay more attention to the action button in the form of coupons and heavy discounts. Making your page scannable will appeal to your audience. Infographics play a very vital role in this scenario.

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  • Build the design to ‘Go Back’
    A road design of a website is a perfect example of a well functional website. It’s an ability for a user to rework and search all the chapters of the website. Undo is a very powerful and useful tool and helps the user to go back to the previous step without searching it from scratch.
  • Digestibility (Don’t let you lose your user with long content)
    Suppose you got a slice of pineapple and they said to swallow this without chewing this. Can you do this? Simply it’s a “Big No” because our body or stomach can’t digest large pieces of food.

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The same thing happens with our design on the website. If we provide large content/articles/information it may bother the user. So always cut large content into some small pieces.

Conclusion :

UX design doesn’t mean what you can create but it means that how you can create it provides its clarity product in a simple manner. Feeling emotions and then creating data can create an emotional attachment between user and designer or owner.

So feel emotions, build emotions, and spread emotions by design.

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