Facebook Page vs. Business Website: Do I need a Business Website, If I have A Facebook Page?

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Yes! 101% Yes, Without any doubt your business needs a website. It doesn’t matter how attractive or creative your Facebook page is but it needs a site. Though Not everyone uses Facebook, most people use the internet.


It amazes me that a lot of companies are running without having a website design for business or has essentially ignored their website. Some of the businesses focused their efforts on building a Facebook business page. Yes, Facebook indeed offers business owners a free platform to interact with new customers, also new and existing opportunities, but it isn’t enough.

Not everyone is on Facebook that’s why you may miss your potential customers. Also, people consider Facebook as a social media platform where teenagers usually spend a lot of time posting all the updates.

Facebook always requires paid content to publish it to everyone but on the other side a website should have the right SEO and keywords that are related to your business and BOOM !, you are gonna rock.

Facebook page vs Business website: Which is Better?

Let’s talk about the Disadvantages of using Facebook Page

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  • It’s very difficult to optimize a Facebook page for search engines, and the layout of a Facebook page is too rigid for exact branding.
  • Facebook may well be popular now, but many other social networks (such as Myspace and Orkut) have been and go. One day Facebook may fall out of favour. Even though it’s happening right now most teenagers are moving to Instagram and Snapchat. They use Snapchat and Instagram more as compared to Facebook or any other social network application.
  • If your followers or customers move to another social media network, migrating all the data and content would be too difficult and expensive to you(or impossible).
  • As I mentioned earlier, today’s everyone is on the Internet but not everyone is on Facebook and Yes! that’s the reality.
  • Facebook is a free tool now and so your business is at the mercy of Facebook. You don’t know when they are gonna change their application for the business owner. Nobody knows what will change next.

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Let’s focus on some of the Key Considerations:

1. Potential Reach of your Facebook Page and Business Website

  • Facebook Page: With Facebook, you do have to reach people you want to target. If you are social media savvy, there are a lot of ways to get more engagement with more people through clever content such as videos, photos, and updates. However, to see value from your Facebook page, you do have to work in and prepare to spend some money. Even if you pay for it for advertising, the ROI may not be worth in terms of actual leads it generates for your business. Though, it is a much less useful tool for B2B companies.
  • Business Website: Investing that amount of money into things like Google AdWords and SEO can be much more effective when it comes to standing out from the competition, and at least then you’re getting your website in front of people shopping for what you have to purchase. If you can get your customers on your website, you’ll have the undivided attention, even if only for a short time.

2. Building a Business Brand

It’s very difficult to build a unique identity and brand name on Facebook, where every Business page mostly looks like another. Your website can be exactly what you wanna it to be, make a domain that people can search for it with your selected images, descriptions, features, and functionality. Also, you control the message and you can make a strong first impression and first impressions do count.

For example, if you have a business page of your hotel business, and people want to book online but they wouldn’t find it on Facebook as Facebook users can’t book a room in your hotel, it is difficult to find a hotel near you on Facebook.

3. The full Digital Marketing Package

digital marketing packages

It requires a multi-pronged to become a successful marketer. You have to attack from all the angles, and the most successful businesses are the ones that do just that. So, you set up a Facebook business page and you get a lot of engagements and likes from some techniques. A potential customer is motivated to find out more, so they visit your website, where you have branding, your company story, and more data. They might check out a case study, download an e-guide, read a blog, fill out a contact form, and a consultation.

On the other hand, the user can’t find all the data in one go. Facebook doesn’t have any hierarchy or model for different works. So, you may lose your potential customer if you have only a Facebook business page.

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4. Business Credibility


If you tell about your business page on Facebook and they are potentially interested in your products or services etc. What’s the next thing they are likely to do? Chances are if they are not satisfied with your page they’ll go and search for your business’s website.

Even if you are on Facebook, most people will still search for your website. Not having a website can decrease your credibility and shows a bad impression that you are not as professional as other businesses.

5. You have better control on SERP


If you have a website then you can easily track your website’s location, Where you are landing?, What you need to do? Which keywords are best for you? If you rank better on SERP, then it means it will be without ads and all traffic on the website will be organic. And 9 out of 10 Internet users click on a website without ads.

6. Outcomes and Results

An ongoing issue with Facebook is that we are not sure about engagement and visits. As it can be tricky or anything else. But on websites, you’ll get original results and outcomes. With a website, you have so much more access to data and the results.


Get Started: Create a Website.

I’m not telling you to quit your Facebook account; after all, Facebook has more than 2 billion active accounts. You should keep your Facebook page alive. However, you should not be putting all your online presence eggs into one charming big blue Facebook basket.

You need to have a creative and amazing business website that you can control and contain content that you own. Facebook can be good for lovely engagement and interaction, but it can be hit and miss too.

Bottom Line:

Every business needs its own website. And it should be simple that you exist. Be sure it supports your all values, showcases your company environment, and helps you and your company to reach its goals.

What’s Latest in Tech News?

Facebook has upgraded its Messenger App with screen sharing capability. Now you will be able to screen share on iPhone and Andriod. Currently, Screen Sharing on mobile is available for one-on-one video calls & in group calls with up to 8 people or 16 people.

FB says it’s working on expanding the screen sharing feature for up to 50 people in Rooms.

In other news, Bing launched URL Inspection Tool today to help search enthusiasts find the issues with the website.

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