Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest? The Answer Is Here

pinterest hashtags

Hashtags are a word or phrase used to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, or conversation. Adding hashtags to your posts means indulging in a conversation happening on that social media platform.

This can lead to boosting your brand’s social media engagement, greater engagement, through shares, likes, comments, and new followers.

How do hashtags work on Pinterest?

pinterest hashtags working

Hashtags on Pinterest work the same way that hashtags work on Instagram, Twitter, etc. But Hashtags that are popular on one social media platform may not be used much on another, so you’ll need to ensure you use hashtags that are relevant to Pinterest.

Pinterest says, “When adding a hashtag, be descriptive & specific. Use words or phrases that describe the content in the Pin – we suggest you do not add more than 18-20 hashtags per Pin

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Hashtags in Pinterest can be used in the following ways:

pinterest hashtag uses

  • Firstly, the hashtag can be typed into the search bar, same as any other search term — just with a # in the front without any spaces between the words.
  • Secondly, a user can add the hashtag in a Pin’s description, and when clicked it will open up all of the other Pins that contain it.
  • Thirdly, a user can add hashtags to Pinterest comments.

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Benefits of using hashtags in Pinterest

hashtags in pinterest

Hashtags can really well on Pinterest if optimized right. Some benefits include:

  • Are an effective way to reach people looking for your niche product
  • They can help to increase awareness of your brand
  • Hashtags bring  readers together with content creators
  • They can help in improving search results
  • Helps to connect with other people interested in the same topic

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