How To Digitize Your Law Firm And What Are The Benefits Of It?

digitize your law firm

If any of you have done digital marketing for attorneys, one of more competitive on the internet, you must be two steps ahead of your competition.

Well, it is true that in 2020, it is complicated to put your law firm on the top of SERP, as it was a few years ago. But at this time if you put some time and effort into your online presence then it must be a key to improving your client online visibility and in turn, you will get high revenue.

Now the reality is more and more digitalizing their firm and law firms need new strategies and techniques to compete in today’s market. More and More law firms are investing in digital and online marketing strategies. So for this, we need to make a website which should be secure and perfectly designed. No content should be copied.

digital marketing law firms

If you are interested in competing better in your market, consider the following strategies to improve your business and apply effective digital marketing strategies to your law firm.

1. SEO

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) has been a successful method for attracting new clients for law firms for years and it will continue. Attorney search engine optimization is the art of understanding how to rank on Google or any other search engine, optimizing your website content from their searches, and improving content position in SERP.

SEO is a great tool for investing in marketing but there are a lot of things you must need to know.

SEO takes time:

You must have patience if you are doing

SEO for marketing. Because SEO takes time, it brings organic traffic to your website. If you keep shining your Law firm then SEO is not the solution you must do something more.

SEO requires a lot of knowledge and skills:

You must have a better understanding of SEO with a lot of knowledge and skills. It needs some techniques and strategies and wrong strategies can put you in bad conditions. Google can throw your ranking to last due to bad or black hat SEO. Plenty attorneys have run some successful campaigns and who don’t have any knowledge, google landed them in a poor situation.

SEO requires unique and creative content:

You are dedicated to bring or create unique content that is perfectly described and has all the answers to common questions consumers asked. Not all keywords are created equally, some are significantly more difficult to perform in search engines than others. Let’s take an example:

You are looking for SEO services in Arkansas for your law firm.

If you are a person looking for legal services, what will be your search phrases?  Think just like a user

Depending on the market keyword “Fraud case Lawyer” can be more competitive in SERP as compared to “can I get a lawyer if somebody fooled me?”. You should have simple, creative, unique content, and also you have to focus on long-tail keywords.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

pay per click codifica design studio

You just need to keep patience and wait for the result, if you are doing SEO. If you grow a tree of attorneys in SEO then your fruits can take weeks or months too. So for that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the best and wonderful option. Because you can run a campaign anytime and bring potential clients immediately. You can also closely dictate when and where your ads appear based on specific keywords that searchers are looking for in Google. If you are looking for fast and quick clients to ring you, PPC is the best route you can take.

PPC is a great strategy for you if you have financial resources to invest and want to see the phone ringing quickly. A PC can be an effective digital marketing strategy for your law firm if you have or understand the following.

PPC cost differs by Industry:

Every keyword has different competition on a different page and different field. So PPC really matters from industry to industry. The cost of a click tells about the return of industry or firm. Every keyword has different cost like PPC on keywords is more on Crime and Rape as compared to bankruptcy.

Location/Research matters a lot in PPC:

Obviously, you don’t want any unwanted clicks on your costly keywords. Using poor keywords can bring thousands of unwanted clicks. So it’s important to study and place it in the correct and exact location which can turn into profit.

Local Service ads:

Local service ads are newer in google and it’s just like a plumber, bakery, or restaurant in Arkansas. It has less competition and although it covers less area. But it is not available for everyone for Law firms. Google started this service for attorneys last year and it is the best time to hit the market digitally because everyone is not aware of it. Google is practicing local service ads in law firms.


remarketing codifica design studio

Commonly, consumers didn’t select any firm of legal services at first sight. He/she will search a lot but retargeting is a method to hit that person again and again on different platforms with some different ideas or an ad.

How can Law Firms be remarketed?

Some examples of remarketing are as follows:

a) Suppose a person visited on your website and check out multiple pages, but doesn’t contact you. Then you can post ads on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So that they keep you in mind every time they think about their problem or solution.

b) You can post some common question that searches on google for law firms like :

“How to get a food license in Arkansas?”
“How to get a gun license in Arkansas?”
“How to prepare my children for divorce?”
“What to do if an Insurance company denies a bike insurance claim?”

3. Social Media Marketing

Investing in social media has always been a good strategy. Because it provides you with the maximum number of user engagement. You can be as specific as you would like, targeting. Here are some examples of potential demographic targeting you can use:

You can target them by their age as if you have a driving license, you can target people of 17-18 years to tell them you are available for them.

You can target by marital status if you want to target someone with a relationship status change to “It’s complicated”.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best way to keep your brand in people’s minds. It is the cheapest source of marketing and it gives the best ROI among all marketing funnels. Email marketing makes it so your brand is right at your potential client’s fingertips as often as you’d like.
Well, the downside of email marketing is to go your mails into promotional inboxes and being deleted without even reading it.

But it needs some tactics and skills to make it into personal mails. Codifica Design Studio can suggest many more strategies and ideas about email marketing.

It could be a good way to get repeat business from former clients as well.

5. Citations – A Must

There are a lot of web platforms in which it provides listings of local service providers. Sites like Thump, Clutch suggest and Thumbtack is very good and effective in this type of marketing. These sites are costly for listing but it can bring you many clients. Every country has different listings websites like in India its

Make the Digital Shift

Consumer behavior continues to change and therefore, so should your digital marketing strategies. If you have any questions about digital marketing for attorneys or need help understanding which strategy might be best for your law firm, reach out to an expert.

Benefits of Law Firms SEO Services:

  • Global reach – a website allows to find new customers, market, and trade globally for little
  • Investment
  • Productization
  • Innovative delivery approaches
  • Easy to Marketing
  • Can cover a very Big Area
  • Ease in approach to customers
  • Can provide Online Solutions
  • Clients’ expectations
  • Improve conversion rates


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