Bing Launches URL Inspection Tool – Tried Yet?

bing url inspection tool

Bing launched it’s new and improved Bing webmasters Tools on Thursday with a new tool “URL Inspection Tool”.

You can use the new Bing Webmaster Tools at, the old one is still available at for some more time.

What is the Bing URL Inspection Tool?

bing url inspection tool

It is a tool that inspects the indexed version of your website URL and checks for any indexing issues.

Bing’s tool is similar to Google’s URL inspection tool and serves the same purpose. Both show SEO issues and recommendations that can help with the site improvements.

  • Google’s tool supports AMP whereas Bing doesn’t.
  • Bing shows you the first date & time the URL was discovered, Google whereas does not show that.
  • Both tools scan the URL time to time and help you fix issues if any

Our Suggestion:

Do try Bing’s URL Inspection Tool if you want recommendations that Google URL inspection tool misses. It will find important SEO issues that need immediate attention.

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