Around 48% of Business in US claim to use SEO: Codifica Tech News

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It’s been a decade, the tech revolution has changed the world and almost 4.57 Billion people on this planet are connected to the internet in May 2020. Still, we hear some whispering in our ears that SEO is a Dying Industry.

Wait !!

What ??

Are you serious?

But US-based surveys and studies are coming in favor of Digital Marketers. A new study by Clutch suggests that 48% of Businesses in the US are claiming to invest in Search Engine Optimisation.

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A survey was held on more than 500 digital marketers found that around 48% of businessmen claim to invest in any kind of SEO strategy and from that 48% person 83% of them claim that they are very Satisfied from the efforts of Digital Marketers and it is paying off in achieving their goals.

Comparatively, the three most popular platforms are Social Media Marketing (82%), Website Design and Development (77%), and email-marketing (70%) while display ads, mobile apps, and content marketing were each used by just over half of respondents.

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Technology is now changed, consumers are online now. Everyone in this era is connected to the internet from smartphones to smartwatches and Tablets to laptops. This trend will continue to shape the way people shop online. According to research, there will be around 2.2Billion online consumers around the globe.

Businesses can use this report to learn how they can create and better their Digital Marketing strategies.

Businesses’ main goal of using digital marketing is to increase sales and revenues (30%).

83% of businessmen who are adopting SEO strategies or using digital marketing in their business are satisfied with its performance. They think that digital marketers’ effort in improving their results and helping to achieve their goal.

The least popular digital marketing channel businesses invest in is SEO (48%).

The top three digital marketing channels that businesses use are social media marketing, website, and email marketing.

Some big brands use this channel to stay at the top in the market and whereas small size companies are using digital marketing for brand awareness.

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According to clutch suggest, these are top Digital Marketing channels for Businesses:

  • Social Media Marketing 82%
  • Website 77%
  • Email Marketing 70%
  • Display/Banner ads 55%
  • Mobile app 53%
  • Content Marketing 53%.

“SEO is hard work, but businesses count as it is easy to do SEO,” the report concludes.

As I have mentioned earlier report says :

“SEO is the least popular Digital Marketing channel as compared to other Digital Marketing methods like E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.”

It means more than 50% of businesses refuse to use SEO, Why SEO is becoming less popular. Let us discuss it and what are the main factors that less than 50% of businesses use SEO.

Why is SEO less popular for Businesses?

There are two main reasons why SEO is less popular than other marketing channels like Social Media Marketing, Banner Ads, or content marketing.

  1. There is a lack of awareness of SEO and its functions.
  2. It takes time for SEO to show results. SEO results aren’t immediately obvious.
  3. Businesses Misunderstood Functioning of SEO:

Businesses may not think they actively use SEO, they know about e-mail marketing, banner ads but they don’t know about the functioning of SEO. There is a knowledge gap between SEO and other types of digital marketing trends.

Most businesses share their ideas on social media that is called Social Media Marketing. And some businesses do email marketing from buying some data from some websites. But they didn’t share their ideas and reinvest on their website.

#PROTIP: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Email marketing are a part of SEO and Codifica Design Studio is very expert in this.

SEO doesn’t show quick result:

“SEO is just like BodyBuilding. It’s like you need a lot of hard work, heavy content or Diet, Focus, Discipline and you should continue it for a long time to get good results. You can’t say I just got 6 pack abs from a family pack in just 10 days of hard work at the gym.”

The only difference is that in bodybuilding only you have to work harder, trainers can only train. Rest it all depends on you. But in SEO a good Digital Marketing Agency can do this work for you.

Businesses only use Digital Marketing to Increase Sale and Revenues:

The main goal of Businesses is to make money.

Around one-third of business goals are to make high sales and revenue.

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Here we are providing the exact data:

  • Increase sale/revenue 28%
  • Brand Awareness 20%
  • Convert leads 18%
  • Stand out of Competitors 13%
  • Increase organic traffic 11%

Digital Marketing goals vary by size of a company as Large size businesses use digital marketing to stand out from competitors and small capped businesses use this for brand awareness.