6 Best Creative Character Design Tips For Web Designers

Old or Young both love cartoons. We have been accustomed to learning stuff from animated movies since childhood. As we like it, we can convey our messages easily from one person to another. And the main thing is that you can design your brand ambassador on your own with paying a single penny.

How cool it is! Best character design tips can help you use graphics in web design in a smart way. They bring us something new and explain complicated things.

Creative Character Design Tips

More creative your characters then more you can target your audience and enhance the UX from various slides, making your website a pleasant place to be.

Below you can find the best characters Web Designing tips that are easy to use and will make you smarter.

1. Pick a Theme

It’s your choice which character suits most to convey your message. Let’s take an example if you own a digital marketing firm, your characters should enhance that your firm is hardworking and creative. I would suggest using human characters. The human touch in a “cold” digital environment will certainly make the website familiar to the user. As you can check the image below:

Begin by simplifying your theme into descriptive one-word answers. Getting to know your character is like making a new friend.

2. Show Routine with Animated Characters


The animation is more pervasive than many people realize. And, you should use it for your advantage. It doesn’t need to be big. A small animated picture or video can easily do the trick. It will naturally support the message you want to convey from the brand and hint to the user.

The point of the routine will be to get you animating every day. This will build your bag of tricks as well as your confidence.

The team goes for a meeting that is carefully set in motion. It shows daily routine in a fancy way. As a result, it provides a positive impact on your customers and also a positive and inviting atmosphere.

3. Use the Laughable Amulet

If, on the contrary, your business is self-explanatory and doesn’t need any introduction, then you do just like out of the box with the help of character design. This is when a funny character amulet can save the day by turning a boring website into an enjoyable project and give you some energy with one sip of caffeine.

Laughter is strong medicine. Just take a look at this picture. When an error 404 (A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means that the page you were trying to reach on a website couldn’t be found on their server) appears, it shows this a cartoon is upset because of an error.

4. Make your Character Distinctive

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a human, monkey, or donkey or even a monster, you can guarantee there are going to be a thousand other similar creations out there. Your character needs to be strong, unique, and must be simple to convey your message. And also an amulet should be smart enough in a visual sense to get people’s attention.

There is a popular cartoon serial named MARIO & LUIGI  when Shigeru Miyamoto was writing these characters, he used to draw every character according to their role and these shows got high popularity.

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5. Make Things Cruelly Clear

Sometimes all you need is honesty, or in case of web design – crystal clarity. As you know “Honesty is the Best Policy”. So for a good relationship, honesty is the priority. Besides, this principle is also the foundation of one of the best character design tips you need to know about.

What you see is what you get is the first rule of good relationships with the online crowd. You already know the role of engagement and reviews in the online industry. The services and the hard work you show on your website, the same customer expects from you. So don’t overwrite your services in a blog or on your landing page.

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6. Motivating by a SuperHero

To be honest, we equate ourselves to be a superhero: saving someone’s life and doing all incredible stuff. And I know every one of you once imagined or equating to be a superhero in your classroom once. Even though we are now serious and grown-ups, we all know that childhood habits die hard. And, we can use this for our good.

These characters, especially superheroes characters inspire us a lot with confidence. And we can trigger this effect just by posting a portrait by a superhero.


Cartoon characters are powerful tools. They just only convey a message but they also grab your attention. And that’s all we need.

Calling for our inner child, they make our visit on the blog or website cozy, pleasant, and comfortable.

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